Gourmet For A Day


After winning the Gourmet for a Day contest, Life & Spaces treated the Spicer family to an in-home meal, prepared by Chef Laurent. The family, along with their guests, Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wallace, thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience saying, “Chef is a very kind, talented and interesting person. He went out of his way to make everyone feel they were part of the experience… the preparation was really cool to watch!”

Dinner itself took about 2.5 hours, something that both the Spicer family and their guests really appreciated, given the fast pace of their daily routines. The Spicer’s daughter, Jessica, was able to watch, listen and learn from Chef Laurent’s techniques. Her dream to become a professional Chef has been strengthened by her family’s experience. The Spicer’s would recommend this experience to any family who wants to treat themselves to a special night in; particularly if you want to “…learn how to prepare and serve really great, gourmet food.”

As a professional Chef and native of western France Chef Laurent brings his talents to the MIchiana area. Visit www.cheflaurentinc.com to learn more.


Hors D’oeuvres
Tapenade de Tuscany   
Black olive spread with garlic, capers, mustard, Cognac, and olive oil. Served with slices of pita bread and dark bread.
Salade Paysanne   
A medley of mixed greens, endives, walnuts, dried fruit, red onions and goat cheese. Served with a French vinaigrette.
Main Course
Tournedos chatelaine et Mascotte    Filet mignon prepared medium with a creamy peppercorn sauce. Served with mushroom stuffed artichokes and baked tomato with herbs.
Buche au Chocolat et Grand Marnier     Log chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and Grand Marnier liquor—served on top of crème Anglaise.


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